Rocky Top Bingo



In accordance to Charitable Bingo Administration Rule 402.210, please note the following house rules to the conduct of bingo:


  1. Valid Bingo – it is the customer’s responsibility to get the callers attention in the event of a bingo.  The caller is the only person to verify your bingo is valid.  The bingo must contain the last number called in order to be valid.
  2. Multiple bingo winners – in the event there are more than one winner for one bingo game, each bingo must be validated by the caller before payouts will occur.
  3. This bingo establishment is mandated by law not to exceed the $2500 per bingo session payout limit, excluding instant bingo and event ticket bingo.
  4. This bingo establishment has the right to refuse service to anyone.  Profanity, use of cell phones, and prohibited behavior will not be tolerated during the bingo sessions.
  5. This bingo establishment limits _____ electronic bingo machines per customer, where applicable.  The customer must purchase bingo floor papers, bingo sets or electronic bingo in order to remain on the premises.
  6. This bingo establishment accepts cash only.
  7. The customers may not reserve tables or electronic bingo machines.  The chairs/tables and electronic bingo machines are on a first come, first serve basis.
  8. Illegal gambling is prohibited during the licensed bingo operating times.
  9. Anyone caught knowingly participating in the awarding a prize to a bingo player in a manner that disregards the random selection of numbers or symbols shall be prosecuted to the extent of the law.
  10. All minor children must be accompanied by an adult.  The minimum   age of children allowed in this bingo hall is _____.  Must be 18 years of age or older to claim a prize.
  11. When applicable, the entire deal of event tickets will be sold and the event game will be played during that session between regular scheduled bingo games at the caller’s discretion.

Contingency plan for inclement weather, i.e., power outages, equipment failure and other emergencies - should the electricity remain off for __________ minutes, the operator on duty will:

  • Resort to operating a “squirrel cage” by removing the bingo balls already called and resume the current bingo game, or
  • Resort to operating bingo with bingo flash cards by removing the bingo balls already called and resume the current bingo game, or
  • Refund monies equivalent to the monies spent per face card purchase, or refund monies equivalent on electronic bingo purchase, per face card.
  • Hand out double sided tickets one per face card to be used at a future bingo session.

Verification of numbers drawn (Rule 402.200 (m) (2) – Any player may request a verification of the numbers drawn at the time a winner is determined and a verification of the balls remaining in the receptacle and not drawn.  The verification shall take place in the immediate presence of the operator, one or more players other than the winner, and player requesting the verification.  The availability of this additional verification, done as a request from players, shall be made known either verbally prior to the bingo occasion, printed on the playing schedule, or included with the bingo house rules.


Complaints may be filed with the Charitable Bingo Operations, P O Box 16630, Austin TX 78761 or by calling 1-800-622-5991.

These rules are effective as of October 13, 2008

Amended June 10, 2010 (added para 13)